Concrete lack of interest

Manga: Shaman King

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At first as i read it i sympathized with the main character's attitude, enjoyed the fighting system and appreciated the structured plot... which went to fuckvile around the last 50 or 60 chapters, with the shitty translations not helping either. Seriously, shit got so confusing that i needed a whole guide and 4 different websites to find all the available material.

Cancellation was a huge blow, even with the eventual True End that somehow came to be it all still felt very rushed with details left out and plotlines concluded in a single chapter. You could tell that the author did have a specific vision in mind for his ending but the time constraints had him compromising it little by little.

All in all i still can't say i didn't enjoy it, I'm a sucker for fighting shounens and redemption stories, even if the amount of vegetas, dragonballs and saiyan power ups got grueling after a while.

7/10, looking forward to further chapters of the unscanlated sequel, Shaman King: Flowers
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