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No Spamming

Spamming is not allowed.

Spamming includes both the traditional spam definitions (ie: linking to commercial sites) and bad forum behavior (eg: double- or triple-posting).

No Flaming

Don't engage in excessive or unprovoked "flaming".

Flaming is the act of sending deliberately hostile and insulting messages with little or no other value.

Unprovoked personal attacks will not be tolerated.

No Pyramid Schemes

No pyramid schemes are allowed. No referrer point games. These are considered spam and are grounds for a permanent vacation from the forums.

This includes, but is not limited to: outwar type links, "free ipod" deals, and the like. Just don't do it.

Limited Nudity, No Porn

We're trying to run a work-safe site here, so no direct posting of nudity is allowed.

You can post links to images of nudity, only under the conditions that they are CLEARLY marked and they're relevant to the discussion.

Linking to things that are explicitly pornograpic are not allowed. Keep things tasteful, please.

No Repeat Topics

If a thread on a subject already exists, please don't post a new thread on the same subject.

If you don't know whether a topic exists or not, use the search function.

Limited Profanity

Keep your use of profanity to a minimum.

If every other word coming off of your keyboard wouldn't make it onto network TV, it's likely you aren't saying very much meaningful. Slow down and find a better way to express your thoughts.

Inappropriate and excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated.

Respect the privacy of others

Don't post personal details about other people on the forums, or anywhere else!

This includes, but is not limited to: real names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IM screen names, pictures.

You can post your own information/pictures if you so desire, but posting the information of people that aren't you is likely to get you banned.

No Racism/Racial Slurs

Racial/ethnic slurs will not be tolerated.

No Spoiling

Spoiling of any kind is not allowed.

Spoiling includes: disclosing details of as-of-yet unreleased or untranslated anime in the anime discussion forums (eg: posting about the manga), posting plot details of recently released movies, books or games, or generally posting information that would ruin the experience of the media in question.

You can discuss details of recently translated anime in the anime discussion forums, or recently translated manga in the manga discussions. Similarly, the "open discussion" forums are safe havens for all the details you want to spill. Just keep them out of "general" and try to avoid revealing details in your thread titles in those forums.

No Malware Links

Don't post malicious links. This includes websites with browser exploits, viruses, and information collectors. This also includes "gag" sites (eg: sites with malicious javascript making them difficult or impossible to close). Similarly, links to pyramid schemes, referral schemes, or bad images (goatse, tubgirl eg) will not be tolerated.

No Malware

No posting of links to viruses or spyware/malware. No posting of programs intended to do malicious things (eg: password crackers, hacking utilities).

There are sites for the discussion of such things. This isn't one of them.

No Worthless Posts

Please try to make all contributions meaningful. Posts consisting of "hi", "lol", "hahah", "too long, didn't read" "owned", etc. are not necessary and don't contribute to the discussion.

If you don't have anything to say, please don't say anything.

Don't touch moderator edits

Occasionally, a moderator may feel it's necessary to edit your post, either to remove what they determine to be bad content or to warn you about something you're doing wrong.

If a moderator edits your post, don't remove the moderator edit. This generally makes them angry and causes them to ban you.

Use common sense

Most of these rules are based on common sense and normal etiquette. Most of the time, if you're not being deliberately abusive, you'll find yourself within the limits of these rules regardless.

Just stop and think about it. Most people have a pretty good sense of right and wrong, and if you're doing something you think is wrong, it probably is.

Post in the appropriate forum

We try to keep things fairly organized around here. Please post your threads in the appropriate forum.

If you're asking where you can download something or making a request, that's what the Anime Downloads forum is for. If you're trying to figure out how to fansub something, take it to "Fansubbing". If you want to talk about the latest release of your favorite manga, do it in General Manga, NOT in General Anime or General Discussion.

Reporting Posts

Because we've got a fairly small staff and all of us have lives, our moderators can't always be on the forums.

If you see a thread or post that's in clear violation of the rules, please feel free to report it. This tends to get the attention of at least one moderator.

However, do not report a post just because you disagree with it or don't like it. The "report" function is meant only for threads/posts which break the rules, and abusing it will result in you being warned and/or banned.

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