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Naruto and Bleach forums

No posting of irrelevant, useless information in the Episode XXX Release Info threads: You may only post in those threads if you are going to announce an official release of a raw or a subbed version. Including links to the releases is also helpful.

Episode discussion threads are to be created only when a sub has been released. Creating a discussion thread for an episode that has not yet been released and/or subbed will earn you a warning.

Anime FanArt

No use or posting of images that contain spoilers: If the anime has not shown it, please do not use it in your artwork. If you are sharing a piece that includes spoilers, please link it, and warn the members. This rule applies to avatars, signatures, wallpapers, or any other fanart.

Requests for sigs, avatars, or sharing your fanart can be posted in these threads, respectively: "Sig/Banner Requests!" or "New sig or wallpaper? show it off here!".

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