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Thread: Best Character in the Series

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    Best Character in the Series

    So now that it is all over, who did you think was the best character and why?

    Who would you want to see further stories about?

    Who made the series better?

    Also, who was the worst character and why?

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    Best: Itachi
    Felt most ninjaish of them all.
    Worst: Sakura
    She talked about becoming useful for the whole series and then the manga ended...

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    Best: Hidan, he was hilariously evil, an actual villain and not a victim of the circunstances like 99% of the other bad guys, felt like a breath of fresh air.

    Worst: TenTen... most of the females actually.
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    I would go for either Itachi or Jiraiya. Itachi for being the most ninja like as SilentSnake says and making the ultimate sacrifice of not just dying for his belief but living for it too. Jiraiya because he was probably the most influential after the Hashirama and Madara. He taught two Hokage, was given the job of being Godaime but turned it down (Tsunade was never an equal to him or Oro) and brought Senjutsu in to he ninja scene without which the Jyuubi/Jyuubi Jinchuriki couldn't be defeated.

    Worst, probably Sakura for the crap the others had to endure because of her. And her silly contributions to fights which anyone could have done.

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    in terms of character arcs?
    probably kakashi, who had a complete storyline with his father and with Obito.
    doesn't mean I liked him, of course.

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    Itachi for sure, and yes, because he was the most ninja-ish, and probably the most tragic. He's a perfect example of how the best of intentions can lead down the darkest of paths. He's actually similar to Sasuke in that regard, except Itachi's scenario is actually plausible in our world. Sasuke's may one day be plausible given sufficient tech.
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    Was thinking about Jiraiya and the explanation given by Kabuto did have a loophole; all he needed was a ninja from the Mist village who was adept at being with water to go down and get a sample. If Obito managed to control the Mizukage, surely Kabuto would be able to control someone who was even half as powerful but able to do deep dives?

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    I dont think it was the best character but I really liked Yamato. Best would be between Jiraya, Itachi or Orochimaru.
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    Worst: Neji. Only one to die during the ninja war.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Assertn View Post
    Worst: Neji. Only one to die during the ninja war.
    Shikamaru's dad, Ino's dad, and the entire intelligence division as well from the Jyuubi bomb?

    Best: Kisame Hoshigaki. It's so mysterious how he's still a shark and he had great commitment to Akatsuki by killing himself.

    More: ROOT/Jounin exam and operations.

    Worst: Sakura and pretty much every girl in the series was useless to the progression of fights and the story (except for Kaguya, Konan, Tsunade, Naruto's mom, the Third Hokage's wife as a midwife for Naruto's mom, and arguably Karin).
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    Best character: Definitely Shikamaru. Often enough I found myself fantasizing about him being the hero of the series. Other than being as soft-hearted as every single one of these "ruthless shinobi", his fighting style was the closest to what I wanted from a series about ninjas. He made use of actual tactics and his kage jutsus were cool, but not overpowered (either because they have to hit the target first before working, or because a strong enemy can still break free).

    More: Shikamaru + Hidan. I hold firm by my fantastic idea of Shikamaru walking around with Hidanīs severed head backpack-style. Shikamaru being the calm, thoughtful ninja, accompanied by a hilarious foul-mouth that constantly shouts out offensive, funny stuff. Would be the best manga if ever done.

    Made the series better: Orochimaru and Rock Lee. The former for being a complex villain that gets stuff done. The latter for pwning Sasuke ... only to become totally useless after SOMEHOW Sasuke can just sharingan-copy his taijutsu. Was total bullshit.

    Worst character: No contest, Sakura. Marries the guy that always clearly expressed his dislike about her and tried to kill her, then finished it off with showing her her own death in a sharingan-illusion near the seriesī end. Everything about this is so wrong. There are nowhere near enough rape-hentai doujins to do her justice.

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    I am making this reply without reading other answers first. So my opinion is not tainted with other ideas. I don't really have all that much to say to be fair. I feel like Naruto was a great series. It did not leave me disappointed nor did it leaving me wanting all that much more.

    So now that it is all over, who did you think was the best character and why? It's hard to say? I guess I would say the best character is Naruto? Is almost every series I must pick the main character. Well I find it's that way for manga/anime. Live action is different. Naruto the series has a lot of good characters and they each have there moment.

    Who would you want to see further stories about? No one. I'm kind of glad the series is over. Well I want to know what happened to oro and gang. I don't want to see more stories I just want to see more of what happened to everyone over the next 10-20 years between the end of the series and the epilogue chapter.

    Who made the series better? I like a lot of the side character stuff. The stuff that branched away from both Naruto and Sasuke. The asuma stuff. I would have loved to see more side stuff. But overall there are to many things for me to mention about what I liked about the series.

    Also, who was the worst character and why? Karin, Sasuke and Sakura... I won't go full into the details but I don't think Naruto has realistic characters when it comes to woman. Basically Sasuke tried multiple times to kill or abandon his friends and allies. Karin and Sakura and yet they forgive him. Not only do they forgive him but they still love or have feeling for him. Karin is the worst character in Naruto and some of my biggest disappointments came from Karin. Her character is so bad she effects other characters and plot elements. For example how she was allowed to have her glasses and picture in prison! In a world where you can hide jutsu and magic items and seals anywhere. They did not take her possessions or inspect them. So she was easily able to break out of Konoha prison etc.
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    Danzo and itachi top characters, best interest for the hidden leaf, and danzo was just misunderstood

    oh and zabuza because persona was just gangsta, and im back been a long time since i post...
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