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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What server are you on?

GotWoot lives on its own IRC network. You're looking for In mIRC, you can be connected to gotwoot without disconnecting from your home network by typing /server -m . In irssi, you can connect to multiple servers by using /connect instead of /server, and xchat lets you open new connection tabs. You can also use our Java Webclient to connect.

I connected to your server, where are you?

GotWoot's IRC channel is #gotwoot on Once you're connected to the server, you should be able to type /join #gotwoot If you've got mIRC installed and the url type registered, you can also go to irc:// and your client should understand it.

Does GotWoot IRC support SSL?

Yes! Instead of connecting to port 6667, connect to either +6668 or +6697. You'll need a client that supports SSL for that, of course. mIRC supports this, but you'll need to install OpenSSL to make it work.

I can't connect! Help!

There's a lot of things that can go wrong with IRC connections. Some particularly bad ISPs (eg: some universities, apartment complexes) filter IRC traffic. Usually this is just the default port, so try an SSL port or an alternate port. Currently, GotWoot IRC listens on 6667 and 7000 for regular connections, and 6668 and 6697 for SSL connections. Some virus scanners and personal firewalls also prevent IRC traffic. If you're stuck, consider posting them in the General Support section of our forums.

How do I download files from you?

GotWoot IRC is NOT a filesharing channel. It's a chat/discussion channel. We don't have bots or fservs running there. You're probably looking for #animeone on .

What else is on GotWoot IRC?

You can also find the MangaTraders irc channel on our network. Look for #mangatraders

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